Chinese beauty lovers are dedicated to attaining the authentic skin health and apply simplistic makeup style to enhance their natural radiance. In The Chinese medicine (TCM) culture, this rosy and faired skin is seen as a result of a healthy lifestyle and a good circulation of ‘Qi’ and ‘Blood’, two foundations for the vital energies and the good complexion of a woman.

On RED, the hashtag #Good complexion 好气色 now has over 110M views.

Photos from RED user @Marguax.刘小姐 @乔米米 @赵大果 showing their good complexion with a clean and radiant skin

Maintaining wellness and nourishing ‘Qi’ and ‘Blood’ requires a consistent and long-term effort, asking people to incorporate both internal regulations and external skin rituals into their beauty routines.

For internal regulations, @Baduanjin气功八段锦 is one of the most widely practiced Qìgōng among people. In the Chinese medicine, Baduanjin is a moderate exercise designed to help balance, strengthen, and harmonize the flow of Qi and Blood in the body. The gentle, flowing movements of Baduanjin help to stimulate the movement of Qi throughout the body and encourage a better blood circulation.

@Lululemon Baduanjin offline practise at Shanghai 

Furthermore, individuals are also engaging in other TCM healthy habits to enhance blood circulation, including taking hot springs while traveling, incorporating regular foot baths to improve circulation in the lower extremities, and utilize meridian comb to facilitate a full-body massage, etc. People also incorporate specific ingredients into their daily diet. A popular practice among women is drinking ‘five red soups’, which contain dates, brown sugar, peanuts, red beans, and goji berries, renowned for their ability to tonify the blood.

The healthy TCM habits incorporated into daily lives: hot spring, foot bath and red five soup at home.

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