We bring a fresh, young and trendy decyphering of contemporary China for fashion, beauty, luxury, lifestyle and tourism companies. We strongly believe international companies can improve their understanding and better adapt to the upcoming chinese consumers.

China has long been seen as an ‘easy’ consumption destination for luxury and creative industries. With the emergence of the 80’s, 90’s and millenial generations (385M people), the faces of the country and its consumption codes are radically switching.

In the manner of Chinese medicine, we are taking the pulse of contemporary China into luxury, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and toursim sectors to provide the best insights and recommandations for our clients.

Get started with a few structural insights:



Traditional cultural aspects mixed with extreme modernity, technology and international influences sets the bases of a new Chinese identity : a balance between an individual life and a collective culture.



The over solicitation by local and international brands have sharpen their consumption expectations. The quest of idividuality and personnal affirmation lead to the emergence of a new range of socio-styles expressions, more refined and subtle.



Younger chinese generations are used to the power and influence of China, that contributed to their confident behavior. The quest of personality expression, supported by their material sufficient life of urban middle classes now pushes  young people forward to seek for new experiences and adventures.



WeChat services and mobile connection has set the bases of a new lifestyle paradigm made of dematerialization. Social engagement and Offline-to-Online and at the center of marketing strategies to reinforce relationships with consumers.



More educated than the previous generations, thoses generations are also facing new sociological, economical and ecological struggles: the alarming pollution rates in the country large cities, the social responsability for aging population, the uncertainty of job market have lead to the emergence of a new consciousness.

The Chinese Pulse helps international companies to push forward their knowledge of the contemporary China and develop smart business solutions for today and upcoming Chinese consumers.