Perfect Diary X Never: the 1st beauty x KOL’s pet collab

Chinese digital based makeup brand @Perfect Diary launched a doggy eye palette collaborated with livestreamer @Austin Li’s dog called “Never”.  Rare animal endorsement beauty product coupled with the influencing power of Austin Li (21M Taobao live followers), the “doggy eye palette” gained great success.

@Austin Li’s pet @Never

The official price of the collaborated palette is 129.9 yuan (around €17). More than 150K palettes were pre-sold in Austin’s livestream room in several minutes and over 300K pieces were sold during Women’s Day shopping festival. Perfect Diary also announced that they would donate part of the sales of the doggy eye palette (1 yuan per product) to the Animal Foundation to help stray animals in Wuhan because of the rising consciousness towards animal protection during the national anti-epidemic.

Chinese beauty KOLs are showing different makeup look by using the “doggy eye palette”

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