Chinese people are undergoing a mindset change for a more down to earth and experience-oriented lifestyle, and farmer markets, once seen as the least attractive to the young generations, have now become the new destinations for explorations.

First of all, compared with the old impression of being damp and fishy, farmer markets in China are becoming modern and sophisticated. They are financially supported by the governments for renovation, with a designed façade and clean, well-circulated interior. In addition, these markets are also taking on complex functions with coffee shops, flower shops, local specialty snacks, and more. Increasing people find shopping here relaxing and explorative, with a profound feeling of reconnecting with the sincere life.


Photo from red user @laurel @左小朵, the renovated market (Suzhou), BBQ in the market (Chongqing)

The bond between farmer markets and a simple, genuine lifestyle has also inspired brands and artists to hold exhibitions, book promotions and playful campaigns there. Director @胡睿HU Rui, representation work 中国奇谭 Yao-Chinese Folktales, collaborated with Grid Coffee, promoting his new book at SAN YUAN LI farmer market in Beijing. Posters and banners were all around and people could watch exhibition and get free coffee bean, flowers during the event.

Photo from red user @柠檬LQ, the book promotion & exhibition at SAN YUAN LI, Beijing

Except for the city market, the outdoor Marché is also trendy for both local citizens and tourists. Abundant of fresh fruit, vegetables, local snacks, and daily groceries could be found here, as well as the local culture and customs. Yunnan province is one of the most popular destinations for its local markets, and the ZHUAN XIN market (Kunming) is now topping the must-check list. Moreover, there are also YUNNAN themed markets hold in other cities like Shanghai, and even inside the restaurants.

Market in Yunnan, photos from @凉薄荷

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