The party game is going viral in China, it is a social gaming platform that features mini games that are easy  to play and accessible for all ages. They set up a joyful social setting to bring family and friends together.

@Eggy Party produced by NetEase was the first to launch in May 2022, which has, as of now, captivated over 500 million users and created the history of 30 million DAUs. With its engaging scenarios and user-friendly design, the gamers come from a wide age range, spanning from GenZ to the 1970s. According to DataEye, as of June 2023, the Eggy Party is composed of 27.67% Post 2000; 35.51% post-1990, 29.41% post-1980, 7.41% post-1970, and others.

The games are mostly existing,  including car racing, card play and shooting games, but offer a lighter competitiveness and easier on-hand experience compared to the intensive SLG (Simulation and Strategy) and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games. 

Players can also customize their Eggboys avatar and challenge various fantastic levels with their friends. Mixue (Ice Cream & Tea chain store) 2-times collaborations revitalized the game, creating the buzz Offline events and installations in malls #Eggy Party : 28B views on RED. 

Photo: 1st pic is Eggy Party and Mixue’s collaborative offline packaging and giveaways; 2nd pic is Eggy party themed installation in Haikou shopping mall 

The viral of Eggy party comes with several reasons. In addition to the simple play and cute style, the game mainly serves as a social connection enhancers, which forge friendships and strengthen bonds with both peers and family members. Secondly, the game also empowers players to craft their own maps, greatly stimulate their creativity and engagement. On top of that, the frequent collaborations with different IPs, ranging from nostalgic cartoons to renowned international brands, continually refresh the game skins and draw in diverse communities of players.

Photo: @ Eggy Party Weibo, collaboration poster with @Disney and @Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

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