Remake fashion, referring to the re-creation of vintage or unwanted clothes, is a very distinctive and self-customized fashion style that becomes increasingly trendy among the fashionable youth. They have started to shift their mere pursuits for big-name, brand-new items to remake creations.

The Chinese youngsters become their own fashion designer and the creating process can fully satisfy their demands for uniqueness and self-expression.

Hashtag #remake now has over 278 million views on Red and 600 million views on Douyin. Young people are actively sharing their remake fashion items, remake tutorials, and this trend is particularly well-received within the second-hand, sports and outdoor fashions lovers.

@Deja Vu remakes the Chinese New Year Red Pocket

The pioneering recycling platform @Deja vu 多抓鱼 has been leading a cool and sustainable lifestyle in a novel way and is welcomed by the picky young generations. To celebrate the 2024 Chinese New Year, they launched handmade Red Pockets at their offline store in Shanghai. Turning the ‘usual’ to ‘unusual’, all the Red Pockets were remade with unsold, red color second-hand clothes. No two red pockets were alike, each unique and were sold immediately.

Photos: Remake CNY Red Pocket by @Deja vu 多抓鱼

Sport Fashion loves to play with the remake

In early January 2024, @Adidasoriginal collaborated with the remake studio @ABAXRRR爱补爱修 to  develop an engaging remake workshop pop up at The Box in Beijing. There were over 300 vintage Adidas pieces on-site, and participants could tailor the selected pieces into their unique, self-belonging fashion items under the guidance of the remake studio. Except for the fun & original creating experience,  the event also presented the social attribute where remakers could meet and make friends there.

Photos: Remake Workshop by @Adidasoriginal, RED user @Changxy, Adidas remake skirts by RED user @鸭妹妹

Other than fashion remakes, cool kids are also creatively transforming sports garments into different daily pieces. Brands such as @Nike, and @ ARC’TERYX are being remade into washing bags by @ABAXRRR爱补爱修, armchair and swivel chair by RED user @倒霉蛋.

Photos: Remake washing bag by @ABAXRRR爱补爱修, Remake sofa chairs by RED user @鸭妹妹

Brands are also tapping in this trend such as the local sport brand @An Ko Rau holded a remake market to present creative works of different artists. The outdoor community @ Yue Camping Life encouraged everyone to be a fashion designer, inviting members to remake the old pieces into small crossbody bags, the social media @RED invited remake influencer @倒霉蛋 to show his McDonald remake series at its weekend market.

Picture: Remake bag by outdoor community @ Yue Camping Life;  Remake with McDonald‘s packaging at RED’sMarket @倒霉蛋; @An Ko Rau remake market @大空人

Behind the remake trend, is the growing demand for personalized consumption of chinese youth. They are eager to stand out and express their unique individuality.

Furthermore, the DIY (do it yourself) process of transforming the ordinary, usual items into unusual and surprising pieces is also an explorative  & attractive experience .  By adding a sustainable dimension, it will positively encourage their desire for differentiation and ownership. As for marketing strategy, by highlighting the value of individual expression, letting consumers participate in the product creation, and building the social platforms for them, there are opportunities for brands to creatively engage and communicate with the constantly upgrading young customers.

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