As the new year of the dragon approaches, the cultural narrative of luxury brands in the Chinese market reach climax.

Instead of superficially incorporating Chinese style into design and lacking spiritual and cultural resonance, this year, luxury brands are focusing on delving into local culture and seamlessly integrating it into the New Year celebration.

In the beginning of 2024, the Chinese market has seen luxury brands opting for a more sophisticated approaches beyond the mere incorporation of the zodiac dragon element. Through cooperation with Chinese artists, design studios and fashion medias. Brands are reinterpreting chinese culture with a deeper understanding, respect, and high aesthetics.

Besides dragon, Loewe pays homage to Chinese jade culture

After the big success of the 2023 Monochromatic New Year Collection, Loewe spotlights China’s jade culture in 2024. Instead of using the dragon and New Year symbols, it integrates jade into the design of its new Flamenco Mini clutch: lucky bag shape with a jade safety buckle in the inner pocket. The colors are also inspired by six well-selected jade carvings collected in the Palace Museum.

Besides, Loewe emphasizes the brand’s craftsmanship commitment, inviting 3 Chinese master jade carvers @程磊Cheng Lei, @邱启敬 Qiu Qijing, and @ 殷小金Yin Xiaojin to craft exclusive jade pendants. The collection will be only available in Casa Loewe (Shanghai Taikooli flagship).

Loewe makes traditional treasures into products that suits the preferences of young generation. This collection balances well the culture, emotion and fashion trends.  —RED user @森林里的宇宙飞船

Photos from @Loewe Weibo Account, the 2024 Jade Series

Lifestyle New Year gifts

Luxury brands have conducted in-depth collaboration with local artists and design studios to craft lifestyle New Year gifts that embody cultural richness and aesthetic value.

1. Byredo “Going Home” tableware & tea set

Byredo teamed up with Chinese independent home design @Studio Kae to launch limited edition porcelain tea sets and tableware handmade in Jingdezhen. The design of the porcelain is inspired by tradition but also have  references the outline of Byredo’s iconic perfume bottle.

Photos from @Byredo Weibo Account, The “Going Home” CNY Gift

2. Givenchy Long Lin almanac collaborated in collaboration with Wallpaper* Store

Zhang Xiaodong, the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, was invited to frame the brand traditional calendar : an almanac with “dragon scales” craft. 13 auspicious dragon totems were created by print artist @Liu Yichun. WeChat users can get lucky draw opportunities by participating in Givenchy’s recruitment interaction, and the top 5 shopping consumers can directly gain it.

Photos from @Givenchy Weibo Account, The Long Lin almanac 

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