Livestreaming in China is undergoing a transformation from ‘fast and loud’ to ‘slow and elegant’. After dominating the streaming style for years, the consumers now start to get tired of this raucous hard-selling style, and show preference for the opposite way, which is perceived as “slow” livestreaming by netizens.

On the contrary of heavy promotion and shout-slogans-like presentation, the new ‘slow style’ focus on the emotional resonance with audience by sharing their own stories and fashion / beauty / life attitude. Specifically, it features a storytelling talking style, a narrative product introduction and richness in contents like brand background, designer’s inspiration, and streamers’ own sincere understanding about the products, etc. Moreover, the ‘slow style’ is also much more selective on products while less intensive on livestreaming frequency.

“The era of slow livestreaming has begun. For users, they will become pickier about products and content because of the eased experience brought by slow livestreaming, and so price competition is no longer the only solution.”  —  Former Ogilvy Deputy Director @Cassie

Photos: Red Official Account @董洁 @章小蕙 @ AndreaAndJayden The icons of new slow style livestreaming in China now

The new icons of ‘slow style ‘livestreaming

@Zhang Xiaohui, 60-year-old Hong Kong celebrity, is now the slow style streaming queen. On 22nd May 2023, her first livestreaming on Red generated 600M CNY GMV. From beauty to home products (e.g., Her Beast, Augustinus Bader, Anastasia), she presented products in an intriguing way with her understanding of fashion, art, and life elegantly.

Chinese actress @Dong Jie also succeeded on her Red livestreaming with a sophisticated style. She plays the role like a professional buyer with good taste. The best sellers’ price ranges from 2K to 3K.

@AndreaAndJayden is one of the earliest and most followed foreign fashion KOL on Red. With the help of her Chinese husband on communication, she gradually gained millions of fans for her modern, delicate and sharp style and lovely family life in London. She has even established her own brand in China and held her first livestreaming on Red for 618 with the consistent lively and graceful style as her sharing video.

Photos: The sophisticated slow style livestreaming posters sample. @张慢慢ivy Sophisticated background; @叕木Collection Home Design Teaching @BMW MINI Cloud Trip with Mini

The revolution of Chinese livestreaming from fast to slow will keep rolling, since the slow style also showcases the respect for consumers’ time, energy, and money while delivery a sincere attitude of knowledge sharing. For brands, livestreaming will not only be a way to boom sales with heavy promotion, but also can be an opportunity to better convey the brand concept, improve the service quality and reinforce the connection with customers.

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