Remembering Ren Hang with Totem Collective / Paris

Totem collective a Swedish Chinese accessory brand commissioned the talented photographer Ren Hang to shoot their first product the Tote 01. It resulted with a photo book called « BAO ». «Bao» means bag in Chinese.

The photo series was showcase during the fashion week in Paris in a space called boon. It was not only to showcase the TOTE01 model but was mainly commemorating Ren Hang spirit that passed away recently.

Ren Hang was a talented contemporary/ progressive photographer with a strong signature and vision. His work was very controversial with Chinese society but still very linked to Chinese culture. He mainly took nudity and erotic pictures of his close friends in surprising setting with sometime Chinese elements such as the red color, lotus leaves.

Through his art, Ren Hang was telling a big Chinese taboo. Sex, erotism and nudity are not express easily.

Is this to denounce also a big gap that there is in China between the old and young generation and the fact that it is very difficult to be your true self and put yourself naked in the society?

Totem collective and models are long time friends with Ren Hang and wanted to spread together the freedom of expression.

Here are some pictures taken of the exhibition “BAO” showcase of the past Sunday at Boon showroom in Paris:

Bohan Qiu – Co- founder of Totem Collective / Model and Ren Hang friend

Bohan Qiu – Co- founder of Totem Collective / Model and Ren Hang friend


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