During the 2024 Spring Festival season, YOLO 热辣滚烫 (literal meaning: burning hot), the Chinese comedian film talking about female transformation and development, ignited the beginning of 2024.

The film is written, directed, and starred by Jia Ling, who was first recognized as a comedian, but now is emerging as one of the highest-grossing film directors and screenwriters in China. YOLO is her second movie, both with her first debut ‘Hi, Mom 你好,李焕英’, have legendarily entered the Chinese Cinema History Top 20.

In the film, Jia Ling takes on the role of Le Ying, an overweight and secularly unsuccessful woman in her thirties, but whose life totally changes after she encounters a boxing coach and decides to practice boxing. Le Ying took one year to transform into an athletic boxer, while in real life, Jia Ling also disappeared from the public eye for around 1 year, and reemerging with an unexpected weight loss of 50kg.

Photo: Poster from YOLO Weibo Official Account

Beyond its seemingly clichéd themes of weight loss, YOLO actually centers on a woman’s journey to reclaim her self-worth and prioritize self-love and self-focus. Audiences are captivated by Le Ying’s perseverance in pursuit of goals that appears universally attainable yet achieved by few, and are inspired to adopt the same attitude for their lives. 

Jia Ling also demonstrates a great courage for life change, which has broken the stereotypes about women leading stagnant lives after turning 30 or 40. Her transformative path was about weight loss but everyone can pursue life change in their own way. Following the movie’s release, Jia Ling has also, more than once, encouraged women to embrace change whatever it is, whenever they desire, inspiring them to love themselves more and pursue the real happiness no matter what.

Photo: Poster from YOLO Weibo Official Account

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