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In 2017, Heytea (喜茶), the new Chinese contemporary tea concept brand became a real buzz among Chinese millennials. Their creative, gorgeous and well designed beverages as well as their mingle area in their tea shop created a big hit on social medias. Indeed, Heytea shops...

“Producer 101"(创造101) is the latest online reality TV show that makes a mega hit in China. The TV show is answering the request of Chinese millennials to see more local "idols"  bloom in China. The concept comes from South Korea and consists on having 101 trainees (=participants),...

In recent months, interest in traditional Chinese culture has surged among Chinese millennials. It’s a trend that has impacted their daily lifestyles, creative expression, and consumption behavior. With no memories of the anti-intellectual Cultural Revolution, Chinese Millennials have a voracious appetite for knowledge and discovery. And they are searching for more...