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It's been more than 2 months that Chanel had annonced their runway show in Chengdu. On the 7th Novembre, the show has taken place at Dongjiao Jiyi (Chengdu Eastern Memory). It's not a new thing for luxury brands to bring their show to China, but...

This fall/winter, numbers of fashion brands have decided to add a young Chinese face on their newest campaigns, which showcases the increasing importance of Chinese millennials consumers. Here is a selection by The Chinese Pulse: Coach 1941 Fall 2017 He Cong, Chinese model, 22 yo -------------------------- Diesel For Chris Lee Go with the...

Liu Bolin exhibition "Ghost Stories" just started last Wednesday 6th of October  at la Maison Européenne de la Photographie.  The Chinese Pulse highly reccommend you to visit the exhibit . Why? Liu Bolin is, today, a major Chinese Contemporary artist that explore Chinese society and dilemna...

Although China offers many opportunities, creating a shop or a concept store is not that simple especially if you are promoting small designer brands.  Indeed, Chinese consumers are known to be one of the most complicated group of consumers.  “Smart shoppers” and exigent,  they are looking and searching for the best deal in terms of design, quality and price and they are known to strongly influence each other. During their decision making process, they rely a lot on external information such as advertisements, KOLs opinions and the comments of other consumers. They compare the different products on several platforms to make sure they make the right choice.