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In 2017, Heytea (喜茶), the new Chinese contemporary tea concept brand became a real buzz among Chinese millennials. Their creative, gorgeous and well designed beverages as well as their mingle area in their tea shop created a big hit on social medias. Indeed, Heytea shops...

In recent months, interest in traditional Chinese culture has surged among Chinese millennials. It’s a trend that has impacted their daily lifestyles, creative expression, and consumption behavior. With no memories of the anti-intellectual Cultural Revolution, Chinese Millennials have a voracious appetite for knowledge and discovery. And they are searching for more...

佛系 'fo xi' y “Buddha-like” recently became the new buzz word for the post-90s youngsters on Chinese social medias. This new trendy word express keeping a casual and calm mindset towards life and career. It first came out from an article published on WeChat on 11th December...