Learnings from C-Beauty in 2021

The Chinese Pulse’s new study gives a sharp understanding of the expanding “created in China” beauty market by deciphering the best practices of more than 50 C-beauty brands in make-up, skincare, haircare and fragrance industries.

It provides key learnings for global brands’ chinese strategy in terms of marketing positioning, digital & events communication and product offer.



Context: background and evolution of the past years of C-Beauty brands

1_ 6 different types of C-Beauty brands The landscape of C-beauty brands and its evolution

2_ C-Beauty best practices strategies In terms of recent product offer,  newest marketing activations, digital communication

3_ Creative moodboards -> C-Beauty latest aesthetic trends with visual moodboards to decode the modern C-Beauty storytelling

Key take-outs for international brands : how to adapt to those emerging competitors on a local and global scale ?

+ Appendix :
deep dive in 50 C-beauty brands. For each brand : a complete analysis of the brands’ story, hero product with key offer and marketing strategy.



  • A deep dive into 50 C-Beauty brands (Skincare, Make-up and Fragrance)
  • Qualitative interviews with 3 C-Beauty experts and chinese beauty advanced consumers
  • TCP analysis of the C-Beauty Brands best practices in 2021:  product offer, digital activations, collabs’, events and experiences etc..
  • A qualitative screening of the chinese social medias and UGC (user generated content)
  • Desk research / Outsource datas analysis


FORMAT : PDF _ 130 pages appr. with words and images*

* Images non free of rights / For internal use only


PRICE : 2,800 euros HT (including a  1h call with TCP expert)


Cover picture : Photography from C_beauty brand @Only You _  Wechat offical account