Light medical beauty in China : the future of skincare? June 2024

Light medical beauty procedures have increased significantly in China over the past five years, experiencing growth from 50B to 146B rmb in 2023, while the number of consumers has increased from 7.4 million to 23.54 million.

Driven by a surge in consumer demand for anti-aging efficacy, the expansion of treatments and procedures is challenging traditional perceptions and expectations of regular skincare usage.

How can skincare brands adapt to this ever-growing medical beauty trend? What opportunities might arise for the skincare & beauty industry?

The Chinese Pulse conducted extensive market research and interviewed light medical beauty consumers and industry experts in China to provide a sharp analysis of this promising market.


In this report you will find:

  • An up-to-date and prospective analysis of the light medical beauty industry in China, developed with TCP human intelligence and supported by China Smart Data.
  • Insights into Chinese medical beauty consumers, including new habits and beauty shifts.
  • Key information on market hot destinations and leading brands.
  • Details about popular beauty treatments in China.
  • Key takeaways and new opportunities for beauty & skincare brands.


Study methodology :

  • ITWs with 8 advanced Chinese consumers : women & men mixing light medical beauty beginners, medium or intense users.
  • ITW with 2 local experts : Doctors & beauty clinic owners
  • Social media listening
  • Extensive China market desk research (articles, books…)
  • On site experiences


Price : 6,800 euros HT including 1h30 presentation & Q&A with TCP experts